Our club's November community service was to donate 40 Thanksgiving meals to Pullman Child Welfare.
The 40 meals account for about 1/4 of all meals distributed by this food bank in Pullman.
Each family receives stuffing mix, instant mashed potatoes, gravy mix, corn, cranberry sauce,
green beans, fruit cocktail, pumpkin pie mix, evaporated milk and pie crust mix.
The picture shows the Pullman Child Walfare's pantry and the happy person who received our donation.
Many thanks to organizer Jess, and to Archie. Archie is the owner of Dissmore's IGA, as well as 
a Rotary Club member. He kindly sold the food at a discount to the club.
Without Jess and Archie, 40 families could have gone hungry on Thanksgiving Day.
October is Polio Awareness Month. In addition, Rotary International designated October 24 as World Polio Day. This day commemorates
the birth of Jonas Saks (Oct. 24/1914), who developed one of the first polio vaccines.
Thanks to gifts from our club members, we raised $2,200 in October to donate to the Rotary Foundation Polio Plus Campaign. We are contributing to worldwide efforts to eradicate polio. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will match $2 for every $1 Rotary International commits to ending polio.
In effect, our club's donations are tripled thanks to the Gates Foundation!
Volunteers from our club and from the Student Veteran Association at Washington State University spiffed up the Mayors’ Grove along N Grand Ave.
This Rotary event takes place twice a year. The first was in June.
Service projects organizer Jess is seen in the white shirt.
The bottom middle picture shows Sir William, who likes coming with his owner John to projects in parks.
(Photos provided by Alison W.)
  Co-treasurer and Service Project organizer Jess is seen in the pictures below at the Moscow Farmers Market.
  The market takes place every Saturday between May and October.
  The Rotary Club of Moscow has a kettle corn booth at the market. Jess helped them make kettle corn this Saturday.
     Pullman is the Lentil Capital of the World, so every August the Lentil Festival is held in Pullman, on the
weekend before classes start at Washington State University. Everybody has a lot of fun at this event.
     To raise funds for local projects, Rotary club members serve wine at the Beer and Wine Garden
of the Lentil Festival. The Rotary Club is grateful to the local winery Merry Cellars for donating the wine.
The International Picnic is an annual event put together by the Rotary Club of Pullman and Washington State University International Programs.
The picnic is to welcome all international students to the university and to Pullman with a BBQ.
It takes place at Reaney Park the week prior to the beginning of the fall semester.
After putting together 125 dorm making kits for incoming international students on August 3rd, Tyler delivered more than half of those kits to several dorms across Washington State University. Tyler is the Student Experience Coordinator for Housing and Arrivals for the INTO WSU program.
On Aug. 6th and 7th, Rotary members and Tyler took the rest of the kits to the remaining dorms and made the rooms for the students.
Left: Eric hands the kits to Connie, who is happy to be finished filling the laundry cart.
Second from left: Each kit contains bedding, toiletries, snacks, laundry hampers, a shower caddy, and a desk fan.
                                John, Jake, Eric and Tyler are making the beds and placing the other items on each student’s desk.
                                Jeff M. also helped but is not in the pictures.
Two pictures on the right: Ana, Connie, Tyler, Eric, Jake & John at the lobby of the Stephenson complex.
                                               They will transport the kits to each room and then they will make the room.
An example of the finished product! This room has a nice view of the Palouse hills.
Rotary Club volunteers helped prepare 125 kits for incoming international students who will stay in the Washington State University (WSU) dorms.  The students are coming through the INTO WSU program. They will start arriving next week. WSU is giving each student a shower caddy, toiletries, bedding, a pop-up laundry hamper, snacks, and a desk fan, so that they feel welcome at their new home away from home. Next week, Rotary volunteers will make the beds and leave the bedrooms ready for the students to relax on their first day in Pullman.
Left two pictures: All the items that are going into the kits are nicely arranged in shelves. Tyler, the Student Experience
                                Coordinator for Housing and Arrivals, made it easy for the volunteers to put the kits together.
Third picture: John, Debi, Wendee and Ana (not pictured) can easily take the items for the kit off the shelves, and put them
                         in a plastic bag. We set up an assembly line that allowed us to finish all the kits in two hours.
Right: The shelves are almost empty after the 125 kits are done.
Left two pictures: John delivers the completed kit to Xavier, who will tie the bag and put it on a pile.
Middle: When all bags were done, we took them to a room that was close to the loading dock of the building.
              The bags will be taken to the different dorms that were assigned to the INTO WSU incoming students.
Fourth picture: Xavier, Tyler and Wendee are happy to be finished.
Right: Ana, Xavier and Wendee.
Our club’s July service project was to help clean up the debris from the 4th of July fireworks at Sunnyside Park.
         Top: Alison, Colleen, Ana & Ed
         Middle: Jess                                                                        Top: Jess, Alison, Colleen & Ed                                    Top:  John and helper Sir William
         Bottom: Jesse                                                                     Bottom: Mayor Glenn Johnson                                   Bottom: Michael, Ed, Jess, Colleen, Alison, Jesse, Ana
This is a summary of the club activities and achievements that happened during President Colleen Hinman's tenure, as recounted by Colleen during the
last meeting that he presided over as president.All club members are very thankful for the energy and enthusiasm that she put into all her achievements.
A. Goals
  1. Continue to engage with Rotaract participation & growth. Involve Rotaract in our service projects.
  2. Increase Conference Attendance: PETS, District Assembly, Joint District Conference, Rotary International Convention, RYLA.
  3. Membership Growth. Two new members joined the club, with a few more on the horizon.
  4. Socialization Opportunities between club members and with Area 9 clubs.
  5. Committees: finance, Spaghetti Feed, Community Service, Irv Field Grand Project, Communications, Foundation.
  6. Service Above Self: 83 volunteers, 75 service hours, 11 projects!!!
B. Recognizing Honorary Members
  1. Bill Paul
  2. Keith Saxton
  3. Mike Kallaher
  4. Pat Caraher
C. Polio, Annual & Endowment Funds
  1. Club members gave $6,391 to the Annual Rotary International Fund to fight polio. The goal was $6,000.
  2.  The club has 13 Paul Harris Fellows, 22 Rotarian Donors, 7 Rotary Direct Donors & 4 Benefactors.
  3. Our all-time giving is $177,378!
D. Shelter Box & Club Giving. We continue to have:
  1. Holiday giving.
  2. Raise money through a 50/50 raffle every meeting for charity.
  3. Our Irv Field grant had 18 applicants. The $1,500 award went to the Palouse Discovery Science Center to remodel a room in the museum.
E. Fundraising Effort & Growth
  1. Helping INTO WSU brought $1,500 to the club.
  2. Spaghetti Feed: $3,900.
  3. National Lentil Festival Wine Pouring: $400.
F. Year-End Rotary Awards
    Colleen presented award certificates to the following members:
  1. Service Above Self - Jess Downs
  2. Service Above Self - Eric Hoyle
  3. Rotarian of the Year - Ana Dodgen
  4. Rookie of the Year - Jacob St. Clair
  5. Committee of the Year - Spaghetti Feed: Gary Schell & Debi Dockins
  6. Emcee of the Year - Glenn Johnson
  7. Best Attendance - John Brewer & LouAnn Heroff
  8. Best Spirit - Debi Dockins
  9. MVP - Alison Weigley
Colleen thanked the Rotary Club members for making her Presidential year so memorable and fun!
She appreciates all that Rotary brings to her life and looks forward to being Area 9 Assistant Governor.
Volunteers work hard to beautify the Mayors’ Grove twice a year.
The Grove is located along Grand Street, one of the two main thoroughfares in Pullman.
Top row (left to right): 1) Eric coordinates the cleanup process. 2) Steve’s getting ready to use the weedwhacker on the almost 3 ft. tall grass. The grass blocks the views of the creek. 3) Alison setting up our “Rotarians at Work” signs. 4) Jake being silly.
Second row: 1) Eva putting mulch under the Grove sign. 2) Xavier and John made a great team. 3) Alison and Jesse were the other great team.
Third row: Eric (left) and Jess (right) cleaning the dead grass on the tree. Alison helped too.
Bottom row: After the group photo, we enjoyed the donuts and coffee that Jess and Eva brought, while Jess lets us know about next month service project.
Rotaract is a youth program of Rotary International. Our club is very happy that we have Rotaract clubs in our area, and that they do service above self at a young age.
Our club contributed some of the Shopping Guide necessities to the Rotaract of the Palouse, and in turn they will make sure that all donations are sent to the military overseas.
We hope that in the future some of the Rotaract members will be part of our club!
Every year we organize a Spaghetti Feed and we raise funds with a silent auction.
The money that we make goes to local charities, community projects, and the August annual international picnic
to welcome foreign students (in collaboration with WSU).
Every year, the Rotary Club of Pullman funds projects or services that improve and enhance the Pullman community. The concept was initiated in 1979 by then Rotary President Irv Field, with calls for projects costing up to $1,000, or “One Grand.” The Rotary Club of Pullman has funded over 40 projects under this program. The "One Grand" has now turned into "One and a Half Grand".
This year’s award recipient was McKenzie Brumet (center), Interim Director of the Palouse Discovery Science Center. The money will be used to remodel a room in the museum into a party room for birthday celebrations and meetings.
Club Secretary Eric Hoyle presented the $1500 award. Club President Colleen Hinman is seen at right.
In honor of Earth Day, the Rotary Club of Pullman joined forces with hundreds of community volunteers for the 15th Annual Pullman Stream Clean-Up.
Recent flooding made this project more impactful than ever as we combed miles of streams picking up garbage and recyclables along Missouri Flat Creek,
Paradise Creek, Dry Fork Creek and the South Fork of the Palouse River.
Left to right:
President elect Alison, treasurer and service projects coordinator Jess, and president Colleen.
Jess coordinated with Habitat for Humanity to fill the pantry of a recently built home in Potlatch, ID. The family of four will move into the house on Sunday March 10.
Shown here are some of the items that Rotary Club members donated for the pantry.
Jess will deliver them to the home on Sunday. We wish the family the best in their new home!
Jess is the organizer of our club's community service projects. The project for February was to paint the bathrooms at the Palouse Discovery Science Center.
The women’s bathroom was painted blue, the men’s was painted green. John also helped sand picture frames.
Glen entertained us with his funny stories, and we had fun playing with some of the museum’s exhibits.
At the beginning of every weekly meeting, club members have the choice to buy a ticket for a raffle. Fifty percent of the ticket sales are donated to non-profit organizations in Pullman or Moscow, Idaho. The other 50% goes to the winners of the raffles. This year we had a list of about 20 non-profits, and each club member voted on their favorite four. Each of the four with the most votes were awarded the cash donation in December. The winners were Alternatives to Violence on the Palouse, Circles of Caring, YMCA, and Habitat for Humanity. We appreciate what these non-profits do for our community!
On Dec. 17, Rotary Club and YMCA members made 50 kits for incoming international students, but about 15 more were needed. We helped put those together. Once we were done, we used the kits to make the rooms in five different dorm buildings at Washington State University (WSU). It took nine
people and five hours to complete the chore.
We were told by one of the WSU organizers that the students are surprised and happy to see their rooms all made when they arrive.
                      Transporting the kits to the pick-up area and waiting to load the vehicles that will take them to the dorms.                  Waiting for the Resident
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Advisor to open the room.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The finished product!
                                                                             Waiting for our room assignments.                                                                                     Happy to be all done.
Four club members were celebrated as the most recent Honorary members for their long-term participation and their significant contribution to the club,as well as promoting the ideal of Rotary International. Below the pictures, you can learn about what the Honorary members did for the club.
Rotary Club and YMCA volunteers helped prepare 50 kits for incoming international students who will stay in the Washington State University (WSU) dorms. They will start arriving on December 28th. WSU is giving each student a shower caddy, toiletries, bedding, a pop-up laundry hamper, snacks, and a desk fan, so that they feel welcome at their new home away from home. Next week, Rotary and YMCA volunteers will take these kits to the dorms, and then will make the beds and leave the bedrooms ready for the students to relax on their first day in Pullman.
Left: Xavier shows a room full of supplies to be unpacked and sorted.
Middle two pictures: Ana, Colleen, Xavier, and Eric fill the shower caddy with toiletries and snacks.
Right: Eric puts the filled caddy in a big plastic bag.
Left: Collen figures out what is left to unpack and put in the bags.
Second from left: John unpacks the towels.
Middle: Xavier puts them in the bags.
Second from right: John walks past the 50 finished bags.
Right: The room looks a lot emptier than when we started. The boxes contain comforters
           that didn’t fit in the bags and will be taken to the dorms next week.